This is How We Roll

$ 23.95

A shirt that’s first of its kind but really shouldn’t be any big deal. 

Feeling included, valued, and having a sense of belonging matters to all of us. So why are children with disabilities left out of mainstream representation? 

Help us to change that with this shirt.

We celebrate three kids having fun together with bright colors and a festive spirit. Perfect for any child that likes to have fun with friends and get somewhere with a little extra speed.

“This is the first shirt to represent children with disabilities as an active part of our community and to present the normalcy of children who are differently abled.

This shirt reminds us all that kids with disabilities also have abilities and they are as versatile as a typical developing child. Inclusion is important and positive not only for the child with a disability but also for the general population."

--Iris Mehler,
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and mother to a child with quadriplegic cerebral palsy