This is How We Roll Resources

Here are some resources to help with talking to your child about differences and why inclusion is so important.  This list is an ongoing work-in-progress. Feel free to share a favorite resource with us!  

The Mighty is a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities. Featuring reader contributed stories on over 600 topics, if you want to read about it, they've got it covered. Here are a few parent authored articles from The Mighty focusing on why it's important to address differences with your child and best practices for doing so.

Why It's Important Kids Know About Differences and Disability

As School Begins, Please Teach Your Children About Disabilities
How to Talk to Children About Disabilities
What to Do When Your Child Has Questions About My Kid With a Disability
7 Things to Do When Your Kid Points Out Someone’s Differences

Representation matters. Make sure your children see children with special needs reflected in the books they read. A Mighty Girl has several great book lists.

25 Books Starring Mighty Girls with Disabilities
84 Books Featuring a Character with a Disability
60 Books About Standing Up for Others

HiHo Kids has produced a series of videos aimed at kids where children of various ages sit down and talk with adults from a wide variety of backgrounds for an open and honest question and answer session. Here are a few of the videos where kids chat with adults with disabilities.

Kids Meet a Person with Cerebral Palsy 
Kids Meet a Woman with Down Syndrome
Kids Meet a Little Person
Kids Meet a Deaf Person

Not all differences are visible. Here is a video that is an introduction to autism for non-autistic kids, aimed at raising awareness and increasing understanding and acceptance.

Amazing Things Happen

Bring a Disability Awareness Program or Curriculum to Your School
Friends Who Care by Easterseals
Friends Who Care is a complete disability awareness program for elementary students, developed by Easterseals

Changing Perspectives

Changing Perspectives is a nonprofit organization that provides disability awareness programs in schools.

"Meet" Some Kids With Disabilities
NYC Kids Project

Listen to some kids talk about their differences and how the very things that make them unique, make them special.

Hailey's Journey to 30
Meet Hailey Dawson, an eight year old who uses a prosthetic hand and has been throwing out ceremonial pitches at all the MLB stadiums to raise awareness for the need for affordable prosthetics.  

Kereni and the New York City Ballet 
Kereni is the ten year old girl who loves to dance and inspired our This is How We Roll shirt. Meet Kereni and see how she gets her wish to be a ballerina with the New York City Ballet.