Meet Maddie

Maddie's love of camping and nature is what inspired us to create The Great Outdoors shirt.  Her mom describes her best saying, "Our athletic and fearless 7 year old is most happy when letting loose in nature -- climbing up trees and leaping through the waves. We have learned to bite our lip and resist the urge to yell 'careful' when she is venturing that bit too high and enjoy watching her feel so free."

Here's what Maddie has to say:

What I like about myself… I like the way I'm different to everyone.

Something that I think makes me unique is… the way I draw and the fact that I believe in imaginary friends.

Sometimes when I’m feeling silly I like to… laugh until I can't breathe! 

The bravest thing I’ve ever done is… going upstairs when it is dark.

What I’m scared of is… scary movies and monsters. 

What I’d like to try someday… hiking to the top of the Dent d'Oche mountain in France.

Things I can do that make me feel proud are… I wrote a book and when I run faster than boys older than me!


Huge thanks to Maddie for sharing a little bit about herself with us!  See Maddie's Great Outdoors shirt.