Meet London

When we learned about how London had helped design and build a backyard treehouse with her dad this past summer, we knew instantly that we needed to make a treehouse shirt! This super smart six year old is a budding architect and engineer who likes to build and take things apart.  London's mom says, " I would describe London as inquisitive, observant, an explorer at heart, and an extremely compassionate and empathetic person for others and animals. She is always willing to try something she has never tried before and when she tries she always gives 100%. London is always thinking how and why things work/are and she always puts others before herself...she is wise beyond her years and often asks very difficult questions to our worlds social problems and wants to fix them."

Here's more from London:

What I like about myself… I'm smart, I'm helpful, I'm kind. I try my best in all that I do. I am a good friend and I am always looking out for others and I like to make people smile!

Something that I think makes me unique is… My name! I'm the only London in my town!

Sometimes when I’m feeling silly I like to… crazy dance, make silly movies and hang upside down from my bunk bed!

The bravest thing I’ve ever done is… when I was on vacation last year in Florida I rescued a little boy from drowning in a pool. I jumped into the pool and swam to him and pulled him out! 

What I’m scared of is… I'm afraid of losing my family and being all alone.

What I’d like people to know about me is… that I wasn't born in London and I haven't been there either!

What I’d like to try someday… I would like to make an app to make things easier for kids and grown-ups. I would also like to take some cooking classes and go to London one day!

Things I can do that make me feel proud are… When I get good test scores at school I feel proud and when I try new things and learn how to do them like building a treehouse and doing front handsprings!


Huge thanks to London for sharing a little bit about herself with us!  See London's Treehouse shirt in our shop or read more about how London's shirt was created.