Meet Charlotte

This busy five year old has never met a bug she didn't like. Her enthusiasm and curiosity about all types of "creepy crawlies" inspired us to create the Love Bugs shirt.  Charlotte's mother says, "Charlotte will race outside after it rains in the hopes of finding worms. She'll also rescue them from the pavement and carry them carefully back to the nearest patch of soil. In the summer she loves to go out in our backyard to look for "roly poly" bugs and will build them a loving home with everything a bug could want! If she's not looking down, she's often climbing up! She loves climbing trees, indoor bouldering at a local gym, and climbing the ropes in her gymnastics class."


Here's what Charlotte has to say:

What I like about myself… I like that I like to do gymnastics. It's fun!

Sometimes when I’m feeling silly I like to… be silly.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done is… I think my bravest thing is trying to hang from my knees [from a bar on the playground]. I've been seeing other people do it but I was too scared until I kept trying and I did it!

What I’d like to do someday… I would like to go up to the highest level and know how to do lots of gymnastics and cool stuff.

Things I can do that make me feel proud are… that I know how to read and I can push other people that are heavier than me on the swing.


Huge thanks to Charlotte for sharing a little bit about herself with us!  See Charlotte's Love Bugs shirt.