Holes in Jeans + Old T-shirts = A Fun New Look! January 31 2016

If your kids are anything like mine, when they head outside to play, they play hard! They climb, they slide, they jump, they fall, and they roll around on the ground.

If all goes well, they return home tired and dirty with shirts that have picked up a few stains and, sometimes with my girls, a hole in the knee of their pants.  With knit leggings, the pants can be cut above the hole and turned into shorts. The knit fabric will not unravel, even in the wash.  

However, when the pants are jeans, corduroy or another non-knit material this doesn't work.  Here's where we introduce you to Olivia modeling the latest in up-cycled craftiness! She and her mom did this project together at home and put together a tutorial for you.


Step 1: Gather your supplies

Step 2: Trace your heart

Step 3: Pin the paper heart onto the shirt, through a double layer of fabric to save time, and cut out the heart.

Step 4: Pin each heart to the knee area of each leg. Use the embroidery floss to sew around the outside of each heart.

And you're done! Model your new look!