Share Love with a Few Simple Words January 29 2016

It doesn't have to be much.  Just a simple line or two in a note at breakfast or in their lunch box. A few scribbled words in a card left on their pillow to be discovered at bedtime. Or when they're asleep, and you sneak in for that one last kiss, place a card nearby for them to find when they wake in the morning.

"Good luck on your test today. I saw you put a lot of effort into your studying.  No matter how you do, I'm always proud of you."

"You've been working really hard on your reading and it shows! I love your determination."

"Great job on your art project today! I can't wait to hang it up."

"I saw you practice good teamwork today at soccer practice. You've learned so much this year. I love to watch you play."

I love your... Kindness!  Curiosity!  Compassion!  Individuality!  Smile!

And just like that, a little love will be spread from a big heart to a little one.  

Print out the love notes.