Drawing on the Wall January 27 2016

I'm no Martha Stewart (and oh, I just realized how I've dated myself by saying that!) but I have a love of doing crafty projects with my kids.  As a way of spending quality time with them, I'll always take a fun project over the dreaded plea, "Mommy, will you play Lego Friends with me?" Let's just say, voicing any kind of inanimate object is not my forte.

This crafty idea came from Hello, Wonderful. It looked like it would surprise and amaze my girls (hello, drawing on the walls!), seemed to be within my ability level, and I had all the needed supplies on hand so that made it a winner.

The genius behind this idea is that all drawing is done on removable contact paper!

I put the contact paper up while the girls were at school, and purposefully did not mention anything about the project, so they'd be surprised when they later saw the frames on the wall.

I used Hello, Wonderful's tutorial for inspiration on how to draw the frames and also found other great examples by searching Google images for "hand drawn picture frames." 

Books and other objects from around my home were helpful to trace around to create the beginnings of most frames. Then I did the rest freehand. There was no pressure to get anything exactly right because the frames are supposed to look hand drawn.  

My daughters got involved when I was halfway done and started requesting special frame shapes like a triangle and a heart.  One of the girls started drawing frames on a piece of paper and asking me to copy them on the wall. Eventually she became brave enough to draw the frames she wanted by herself.

All the frames were drawn with a black Sharpie marker and are permanently on the contact paper. The kids use wet erase markers to create artwork inside the frames and to color the frames themselves. 

The drawing and coloring done with the wet erase markers can be wiped off with a damp cloth making this a completely reusable art gallery wall!

In our case the best thing about this project was that it was completed just before the blizzard arrived here on the east coast and school cancellations started!