How We Create a Shirt Design January 28 2016

At Sunrise Girl, our mission is to create shirt designs which celebrate the passions, interests and abilities of real girls.

How do we do this?

Well, let's take a look at the Treehouse shirt.  In this case, the girl that we wanted to feature was super smart six year old London, who's also a budding architect and engineer. London created a design for a treehouse and then worked with her dad to build it in their backyard. They finished it with benches, a flag, and even a bucket and pulley system!  

We wanted to create a shirt to celebrate London's ability for building, creating, and bringing ideas to life.  

After proposing the idea to London and her mom, we went to work with our designer discussing ideas for how best to capture London and her treehouse in a shirt design.  The first draft of our treehouse shirt design looked like this:


We were off to a good start but this image didn't show London's role in helping to design and build the treehouse. We showed the draft to London and her mom and got their feedback as well. One of them suggested incorporating one of their families' pet dogs with a tool in his mouth.  So, we moved on to a second draft.

The second draft of the tree house design looked like this:  


This version was a good step in the right direction and used the toolbox and tools to represent London's active role in building the house but the colors weren't right. Again we worked with London and her parents and got their feedback.

We moved on to a third draft...


This time it seemed right!  It even included the apple tree that London has in her back yard. It was London and parent approved and we had our final design!

Here's how it looks on a shirt and on London.  From concept to completion and available in our shop!