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Nine Great Ways to Start Your Child Building February 27 2016

This month we're talking about the benefits of building. My favorite expert on this topic is Elaine Hamel, founder of Girls at Work, a nonprofit that teaches woodworking skills to at-risk girls.  

Elaine says, "building with girls is such an important and powerful experience: it teaches girls so much about themselves and the inherent power they have within."

We've rounded up nine different building-related activities or items to help a young girl in your life start building and discovering her inner power.



Holes in Jeans + Old T-shirts = A Fun New Look! January 31 2016

If your kids are anything like mine, when they head outside to play, they play hard! They climb, they slide, they jump, they fall and they roll around on the ground. 

If all goes well, they return home tired and dirty with shirts that have picked up a few stains and, sometimes with my girls, a hole in the knee of their pants.  With knit leggings, the pants can be cut above the hole and turned into shorts. The knit fabric will not unravel, even in the wash.

However, when the pants are jeans, corduroy or another non-knit material this doesn't work.  Here's where we introduce you to Olivia modeling the latest in up-cycled craftiness! She and her mom did this project at home together and have put together a tutorial for you.



Share Love with a Few Simple Words January 29 2016

It doesn't have to be much.  Just a simple line or two in a note at breakfast or in their lunch box. A few scribbled words in a card left on their pillow to be discovered at bedtime. Or when they're asleep, and you sneak in for that one last kiss, place a card nearby for them to find when they wake in the morning.




How We Create a Shirt Design January 28 2016

At Sunrise Girl, our mission is to create shirt designs which celebrate the passions, interests and abilities of real girls. 

How do we do this?

Well, let's take a look at the Treehouse shirt.  In this case, the girl that we wanted to feature was super smart six year old London, who's also a budding architect and engineer. London created a design for a treehouse and then worked with her dad to build it in their backyard. They finished it with benches, a flag, and even a bucket and pulley system!  


Drawing on the Wall January 27 2016

I'm no Martha Stewart (and oh, I just realized how I've dated myself by saying that!) but I have a love of doing crafty projects with my kids.  As a way of spending quality time with them, I'll always take a fun project over the dreaded plea, "Mommy, will you play Lego Friends with me?" Let's just say, voicing any kind of inanimate object is not my forte.